Translation Sales Process

Working as an Account Manager in the translation services industry can be a stressful and a very demanding job. Multitasking is a daily common activity, and, in order to keep up with the job duties, organizational skills and time management are highly important abilities for an Account Manager to possess. Here is the typical routine of an Account Manager for you to understand what is meant:

This AM in this particular example starts his shift at 08:00 AM in the morning and first off, he needs to boot up his computer and all the programs that he will be needing to use:  a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), an e-mail client, an IM (Instant Messaging) application and an auxiliary Sales Spreadsheet. The information from all clients and their projects is stored and maintained in this CRM program. The IM app is used to communicate amongst the translation team and sometimes even with clients.

The AM receives leads or translation requests through various channels, one being our company website /?page_id=105235.asp

I hope you have a good idea now, why it is very important for an Account Manager to be highly organized and to be able to manage his or her time accordingly.