Web Site Translations

The decisions we must make when quoting a web site are fundamental to the quality and costs of the project’s end results. Therefore, when a potential client inquires about a web site translation, it is important to define from the start what type of services will be necessary to meet the client’s and everyone’s expectations. For example: some companies have web developers who will publish all the translated material to the new web version, while other companies depend on the translation agency to publish it themselves.

One of the first things to define is therefore, whether the translation will remain exclusively a linguistic service or if there will be publishing of the text on the web site. If the job is strictly linguistic, all HTML content will be obtained and we can proceed to translation as if it were any other form of document to be translated. However, this will imply additional costs for the client when publishing the content to its domain and will imply even more work when there is an update or addition to the content to be made. This is, in general, the least recommended way.

Another option is one that is more complex, but that will most likely provide better results, is extend the language capacities of the site and generate the translation while already on the platform. For this, it is necessary to extend the CMS (Content Management System) on which the site is on and allow that the resources in charge of the translation have access to the original material, meaning the source. This way, the client will not be in charge of the web site development or its functionality, and the translators will be able to do quality control on the active web site.

The alternative solution to creating a mirror for the site translation in other internet addresses, whether they are from the client or the provider is not well taken by Google. This meaning, that the translated web site will most likely not be well positioned on the new language.

At Trusted Translation we offer all options to generate a successful translation of each web site. Additionally, please remember that you can request a quote that involves the integration of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Media Wiki and other CMS.