What is GlobalSight?

GlobalSight is an open source Translation Management System (TMS), used to manage, translate and deliver projects for translation, editing, proofreading and storage, among others. This system was developed in Java programming language and uses a MySQL database. It also supports computer aided translation and machine translation.

The main features of GlobalSight are:

* Custom workflow created and edited using a graphic workflow editor
* Compatible with human translation and machine translation
* Automation of steps that are usually done manually during the localization process, which includes filtering and segmentation, leveling of TM, analysis, costs, packages of files, email notifications, updating of TM, generation of final files
* Translation Memory Management
* Matches to exact context, and 100% partial matches
* Terminology Management
* Centralized translation memories and simplified terminology management
* It supports computer aided translation tools (CAT tools), for example, Trados
* Calculation of costs, as rates can be set in every step of the localization process
* Filters for various types of documents, among others .doc, .rtf, .ppt, .xls, .xml, .html, .inx, .js, .php, .asp, .jsp, .fm
* Concordance search
* Tool to align files, to create translation memory from previously translated documents
* Reporting

This system is designed for use by both companies and freelancers, since it facilitates the provision of services to multiple clients or organizations. Later, we will elaborate on how to use this innovative software.

(Spanish version: https://www.trustedtranslations.com/que-es-globalsight-2010-11-08.html)