Why do we need a Project Manager?

In a recent blog, we spoke about how an Account Manager (AM) can assist your translation needs. Today, we go behind the scenes a bit more and focus on how a Project Manager (PM) assists with providing an excellent service to our clients.

Not all agencies share the same business process. Some will prefer an AM/PM model (with just one POC) . However, at Trusted Translations, a Project Manager works in tandem with your Account Manager to provide her with the details of all the work involved in your project. Without their high technical and operational expertise, our Account Managers would not be able to provide you with an accurate quote. They analyze each document for the word count and linguistic complexity (field, level, quality expectations), as well as communicate directly with the Desktop Publishing Department to ensure all formatting needs are met. Beyond that, they are in communication with our linguists to secure the most suitable translator, editor and proofreader for the work required.

If there is a larger project at hand, this includes a great deal of planning and finding multiple resources to offer a reasonable turnaround time. The PM lays out the project in a way that makes each step clearly coordinated from the beginning. Sometimes a client may change parts of their documents, or include additional files. For these changes, the PM will review all components of the project and provide a new quote. Therefore, there are no surprises along the way. A seamless execution, and an appropriate monitoring of the project throughout the entire process, helps our Project Managers keep our Account Managers informed on the status of a client’s translation rather quickly. This type of teamwork is essential when handling any sort of project load successfully.

With the diversity and quantity of projects we receive at Trusted Translations, it would be impossible for our Account Managers to give the level of focus and attention they are able to provide for our clients if they had to focus on the minute operational and administrative details of each project. Our PM’s attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects of very different scopes simultaneously gives us the competitive advantage needed to be one of the leaders of the translation industry. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote!