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Why Is Editing Important?

It is no secret that in the translation business, quality is key to achieving business expansion and getting the word around regarding your services. A translation that does not go through its respective QA process results in poor quality, and can affect the company’s brand image and, in most cases, causing an irreversible poor impression on customers. This is when editing takes a role as important as the translation task itself.Today, and in an ever more interrelated world, business, financial and political strategies demand we give a clear message to our target markets. It is not enough to simply transcribe a text from one language to the other, it is essential for us to overcome cultural barriers and thus transmitting a seamless and culturally coherent message. This is why the editing task is so important, allowing us to eliminate mistakes, point out and correct inconsistencies and adjust the text so that it’s relevant to the market or audience the text is directed to.

But, what does editing consist of? Editing is the step that follows or should follow all translations. It consists of a bilingual review between the source or original text and the translation, and its goal is to improve the text. The objective of an editor is to verify the translated text is true to the original text, to provide continuity, verify the correct use of the language and assure that the message is conveyed in and adapted to the market and culture it is meant for. Editing must not be mistaken for a proofreading, the last step of a translation and done without access to the original text.

As so, when requesting a translation service, the editing step must be taken into consideration. Providing translations that convey the correct message, that are flawless, flow and achieve all translation goals will allow us to develop our brand image and generate great impressions with our customers.

Trusted Translations understands the importance of the editing task and provides this and other additional QA steps to its translations, hence guaranteeing high quality translations.

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