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Professional Translation Services in Los Angeles

In addition to the movie industry, Los Angeles is a booming hub for aerospace, fashion, tourism, and finance, and is home to the headquarters of numerous multinational organizations. Trusted Translations has partnered with many of L.A.’s most recognizable top companies across a range of industries, including Mattel, HP Communications, ICU Medical, Pacific Clinics, and TheraGun.

Given the city’s linguistic and ethnic diversity, it is essential for businesses’ translations to speak accurately to L.A.’s local language populations. For example, due to L.A.’s proximity to the Mexico-U.S. border, Spanish, specifically Mexican Spanish—is the most popular non-English language in L.A., along with a sizeable community of Salvadoran Spanish speakers. L.A. is also a hub for Asian languages, especially Tagalog, Chinese, and Korean. Accurate translations of these are key considering California’s proximity to and strong export activity with East Asia. The metro area also boasts a high number of Farsi speakers and the world’s largest Armenian population outside of Armenia.

About the City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles (L.A.), known as the “City of Angels,” is the United States’ second largest metropolitan area and California’s largest city, with approximately 19 million residents. As the home of Hollywood, L.A. is the US.’s top exporter of media and entertainment content; it is also the third wealthiest city in the world, second only to Tokyo and New York City.

Multilingual Translation Services in Los Angeles

For quality translation services and the best translation rates in the area, please contact our local Los Angeles Trusted Translations office for a free quote.

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We are a proven provider to top LA-based companies, including Mattel and HP Communications.
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Trusted Translations is the leader in professional Spanish and Portuguese translation services
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We serve all of LA's most-spoken languages, including Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, and Farsi.
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We are a partner of many local healthcare organizations, such as Pacific Clinics and ICU Medical.
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The Los Angeles area is home to over 185 different languages.
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Our Los Angeles representatives are on-call to serve you 18 hours a day / 7 days a week.

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