Latin American Spanish

Latin American Spanish

Latin American Spanish is the universal and somewhat arbitrary name that is given to idiomatic and native expressions and to the specific vocabulary of the Spanish language in Latin America.

Of the more than 500 million people who speak Spanish as their mother tongue, more than 300 million are in Latin America.

There are numerous particularities and idiomatic expressions within Spanish. Some of the aspects that affect Spanish are: incorrect usage employed by the mass media, the influence of English and, maybe most importantly, the existing gaps in technical vocabulary. However, it is in technical vocabulary that one can most clearly find a difference between Spanish from the Iberian Peninsula, also called Spanish from Castilla, and Latin American Spanish.

In Latin American Spanish, it is more common to find loanwords, or words directly taken from English without translating or adapting the spelling to the traditional norms.

The most notorious example is the use of the word email or e-mail in Latin America instead of the more literal translation, correo electrónico that is used in Spain. These differences are evident especially in recently adopted technical terms. In Latin America they speak of la computadora while in Spain it is el ordenador, and each of these words sound foreign in the region where it is not used.

Different Types of Latin American Spanish

The difference between the Latin American Spanish spoken in Mexico City and Latin American Spanish in Buenos Aires can be significant. It is probably as great as between Buenos Aires and Madrid or between Mexico City and Madrid.

Moreover, every Latin American country has internal variations of accent and somewhat minor differences in dialect. This is why you need to understand the purpose of and target audience for your content. If your target audience is broad and requires a Spanish that will be widely accepted in all of Latin America, it is important to use native speaking Latin American Spanish Translators for your Latin American Spanish translations needs. At Trusted Translations, Inc., our translators understand with great detail the nuances in correctly translating content to Latin American Spanish.

As part of our initial assessment process, our experts will help you determine the best choice of Spanish. This will depend on your particular communication needs, the objective of your company, your budget and the audience you wish to address.

Translations for the Americas

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Latin American Spanish Translation

Which Latin American Spanish should you utilize for your translations?

Our team of professional Spanish translators will work with you to help you decide the best type of Spanish for your project. Whether it is better to use a neutral Spanish or your text needs to be localized for the different Latin American Spanish-speaking markets, Trusted Translations can provide you with the best translation solution for you and your organization.

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