Cleaning Up Files in MemSource

Following up on the topic of MemSource and its many features, one of its biggest advantages is the way it allows you to clean up files after a translation. The many problems that a translator or PM may experience when it comes to cleaning a file are well known, especially when dealing with files that originate from design files (TagEditor files created from InDesign, QuarkX, etc.).

Who has not faced the dilemma of having to clean a .ttx file? There are several factors to consider in this situation: in general, you should clean the .ttx file on the same machine where it was created, and always bearing in mind that in clean-version folder you should put a copy of the source file (i.e., if you generate a .ttx file from a Word document in ‘X’ computer, that .ttx file will have to be cleaned in the same computer and in the same folder with the original Word file to ensure a satisfactory cleanup of the file). However, oftentimes you’ll run into problems when trying to clean these files. Usually the most common problems arise from an incompatibility of tags, which is why one must be careful enough to respect the tags of the files’ structures so as not to jeopardize the cleaning operation.

MemSource, however, does not know of these problems. And this is so for the simple reason that it regroups all the tags at the end of each document, avoiding the problem of tag incompatibility. That is why, if you use MemSource, the file will come out clean without any problems, whether it is a Word file or a file from InDesign, QuarkX, etc.

Try it and see how easy it is. Upload to the cloud a file that meets the minimum MemSource requirements (a few file formats are not compatible with MemSource) and you’ll see that, after working on the file in the Editor, you’ll be able to select the “Download completed file” feature. Thus, you can download the file in its final version: the translated document. Cleaning the document, then, becomes a breeze—you only need to click a button!

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