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Linux – More Advantages

In a previous article, we did an introduction to Linux and its growing and gradual integration in the family of PCs, PDAs, and mobile devices, as well as its continued growth by users outside of the circle of IT professionals.

Today we were interested in commenting on the benefits that a free operating system offers.

As with everything, Linux can present some difficult points in its use, such as surviving the learning period and adapting to this new platform, for those accustomed to working with Windows; having to deal with installing the system, since it is not common to find new computers with the system already installed; trying to fill in for hardware support where it is lacking, since some are created exclusively for Windows systems.

But the benefits greatly outweigh these minor inconveniences.

* We have at our disposal the source code to modify and/or distribute it for free.
* We rely on a robust, transparent and flexible system: we can configure it according to our needs to maximize its advantages to our benefit.
* We have a huge community of users who are willing to voluntarily give help to those who are just starting.
* There is a lot of software available and free to download and install from the official sites of each distribution and through installers integrated into the system.
* We have extensive documentation on each software, manuals, books, guides, developed by the various GNU/Linux communities.
* We have excellent safety management of each software, as each product is tested and released under strict standards of control.
* We find great compatibility between versions, and also various options both in distributions and in packages.
* We are able to participate in a project that meets our demands or to promote our own project and invite the community to join.
* Another point that is important: we have full control of the system.

Based on all these benefits and many others not mentioned in this article, distributions have been developed that are better adapted to the world of translations. About these distributions discussed in future articles.

For answers on this and other translation issues, please visit Software Translation.

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