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Localization of Video Games

Today, there is a trend that is increasingly on the rise: the localization of video games. What does this mean? This entails adapting a video game to the particularities of a specific market, including translation, technical modifications and adaptations to meet the standards of the place, among others.

Supporters of this kind of technology increasingly complain because the release of video games are not accompanied by a good translation or localization. That is why certain steps need to be taken to ensure that the final product has the same quality as the original. The steps are:

1. Familiarization:

It is essential that all material to be localized is known before starting the real work, for example, text files, artwork, among others. At this stage, the translators can even try the game in the original language to get a broader view of what the whole game really means: story, characters, dialogues, menus, bonus material, etc.

2. Localization:

This stage can last from weeks to months. It all depends on different factors, for example, the volume of text file types, the number of translators, localizers, and editors involved in the project, etc..

3. Programming:

Sometimes, the editors do not have programs on their computer- This is why the game’s original developer is the one who implements the text that was translated, localized or edited. This process can take less than a month to be completed.

4. Quality Control:

Quality control of a project begins once the developers have created a version of the game can be played. At this stage, it is verified that there are no spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies or text that does not make sense, system problems (sound, graphics) and others.

5. Approval of manufacturer:

Manufacturers have people working for them who verify that the contents of the localization match the requirements and needs of the original game. Generally, you only need less than a month at this stage, if there are no major problems with the content presented.

If you meet and follow these steps, you will surely achieve an optimal localization of the game that will satisfy fans.

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