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English Language and Hegemony

From websites to social media, from advertisements to novels, English-language content holds powerful sway across the globe. As the world’s most widely spoken language, with

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Has Language Become More Emotional?

Early last year, a team of researchers from Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and Indiana University published a paper purporting to have demonstrated the increasing

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Words of the Year 2022

Always a month of retrospection, December brought eagerly awaited strings of new words to the already vast vocabulary of accepted global English. Often expressing innovative

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For Translation Buyers

Machines Correcting Human Translations?

Revision, one of the most crucial (but time-consuming) steps in the translation delivery process, may clog document production flows. Depending on source complexity and translation

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Are There Untranslatable Words?

Hygge. Saudade. Toska. Mamihlapinatapai. If you know what these words mean in their respective languages, do you think you’d be able to translate them into

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