Localization Items to Keep in Mind

The Android open-source mobile operating system will run on various devices and in many regions. Now, in order for your app to reach vast numbers of users, it should not only accommodate text but also audio files, measurement systems, currencies and images in ways that fit and feel natural to the locales where you want your app to gain a foothold.

Keep your resources in mind when localizing; i.e., text strings, layouts, sounds, graphics and any other static data your Android app requires. An app may have multiple sets of resources, each customized for a specific device configuration. Android automatically selects and loads the resources that best match each device the moment the user runs the app.

Android also offers a localization checklist as a reference guide to help you maximize your app’s distribution potential.

App Localization and Machine Translation

A machine translation solution such as Google Translate often works great with lots of different types of material. However, UI text is usually short and quiet dependent on context. The accuracy of a translation is very closely linked to the context of the message, so when it comes to the type of communication used in apps, using machine translation alone (i.e., without a review from a native human speaker of the target language) will often lead to usability issues.

For this reason, it is best that app developers use human translation services for their apps’ UI and Store Listing. Professional human translators factor in several elements the automated translation engine doesn’t, such as the context in which the text strings will appear (surrounding UI and available space, as some languages are more expansive and others are more compact), the target audience, and cultural nuances specific to the language locale.

Did You Know?

Reliable App Localization Support with a Human Touch

When looking for advice and technical support, you can also reach out to us directly using any of the contact options at the top of this page. By doing so, you’ll have access to a dedicated AM/PM team of experts in app localization who will walk you through the process of localizing your app, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you are in the hands of professionals with first-hand experience.

In fact, Trusted Translations is one of only three LSPs working through the Google Play Developer Console that provides expert app translation. From strings to Store Listing to in-app purchase products, we have both the proven linguistic and technical know-how to accurately and effectively localize your app to hundreds of languages. And, we can provide you with a turn-key solution by also localizing content not suitable for the Google Console, such as additional documentation, marcom pieces, etc. In addition, we can also test the localized application for different markets. Ideally one should both localize translations as well as test them prior to a full launch.

Such an additional expert guidance and support are often a lifesaver, as well as a timesaver. With the right professional and experienced partner, your app will be well on its way to reaching its full potential at home and across the world.

Website and Multimedia Services

Over the years, Trusted Translations has established itself as a one-stop-shop where both small startups and large multinationals can avail themselves of an extensive suite of language services and products. For instance, if you also have a website, our experts can take care of the translation and localization of your web content, as well as your social media content.

Another service that we offer under our multimedia department is subtitling and dubbing in several languages, something to consider when creating multilingual video content, as more and more multicultural audiences are driving audiovisual demand. 

If you’re looking for your product or service to expand through several formats and media and reach multiple markets, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you how we can become your Trusted Translations partner and expert advisor.