How to Save Money on Legal Translations

There are three key factors in the production of almost any service: cost, speed and quality. Often, only two of these elements can be prioritized. When it comes to legal translations, however, we don’t want to have to sacrifice any of these, so we end up doing our best to find the right balance, and though this isn’t an easy task, it is possible. Below are some tips to make that happen:

  • Improve the quality of the source: The more defined the image of the original document, (if it is a scan, for example) the easier it will be to extract and convert the text. This helps lower pre-translation graphic design expenses. It is also important to mention, from the start, whether or not the format of the translation must remain the same as the source. If the answer is yes, skipping the extra step of changing the format would also help reduce costs.
  • Define the purpose of the translation before starting: If the translated document must be presented to a court, it is essential that the translation be certified and at least three professional linguists have taken the time to verify it. If the purpose of the translation is exploratory, it is not necessary for the translation to have the same level of quality that a certified translation requires.
  • Avoid emergency rates: One of the biggest enemies of low rates are urgent projects. While in some cases they are unavoidable, efforts should be made to anticipate these needs and locate the agency and the desired rate as soon as possible. Urgent projects imply that linguists with more experience and knowledge of the area in question may not be able available; which leaves you with the option of translators who are available and who accept the project’s conditions, but may not be experts in that particular legal field. This type of race against the clock search generates additional costs.

You can be sure that Trusted Translations will do everything possible to find a healthy balance between these three goals that every client seeks for their translation projects.