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A Matter of Preference

As professional translators, we have to offer localized services depending on the public we’re dealing with. That’s why as native speakers of a given country

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Diplomatic Translation Gaffe

Recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was kind enough to give us the latest example of how poor quality translations can leave an organization looking

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How to Kill a Language

In language, few things are as interesting and intriguing as the capacity for innovation and creativity that serve as the basis of a “living language.”

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Changing Chinese Names

As I have brought up on this site before, one of the things I most appreciate about the English language is the amount of creativity

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What is a Linguistic Loan?

This type of word is one that is taken from one language and used in another without translation, demonstrating a lexical vacuum in the latter.

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Translation experts

As we all know, the doors that the world of translation open for us are countless and one of them is the possibility of working

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