Translation Teams: When Everyone Wins

Translation teams are a group of one or more translators, one or more editors (depending on the size of the project) and a reviewer. This team, in turn, responds to a project coordinator or project manager.

Isn’t this the way it always is?


The advantages of these teams stems from the idea of keeping them intact when working with large projects such as the translation of a website. The fact that the same people are involved throughout the project means that:

• The client has a single point of contact throughout the process: the project coordinator is responsible for informing the team of decisions, changes, preferences, deadlines and everything else related to the client, all while sending specific questions, resolving any doubts and making suggestions.
• The translation decisions are made and remain constant throughout the project: We know that there may be several correct ways to translate the same text, but once those decisions are made and confirmed with the client, it is essential to implement them throughout the work to ensure consistency and fluidity.
• Everyone is familiar with the topic, vocabulary, tone, style and format of the text.
• It is possible to discuss and resolve the problems of expressions and writing in an easier and more flexible manner, which in turn improves the overall quality of the work.
• Everyone is aware of customer feedback and preferences.
• Any change during the process can be made quickly and consistently, if there is a need for a new person on the team to “learn” the entire project.


The agency will share what we call “translation assets” which are the capital that the agency is able to offer to a client. These include glossaries, translation memories and style guides. On the other hand, teams have the support of the agency on issues related to systems, technology and variety of programs to use, which are essential to keeping the computers running smoothly.

In short, translation teams improve the quality of the final work and shorten delivery times, especially for big jobs. This is something that only a good translation agency can offer their clients.

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