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eLearning is a rapidly expanding industry with enormous untapped potential in the many markets where English is not the dominant language. To help you reach these markets, Trusted Translations has a team of dedicated professionals to translate, localize, and even create eLearning resources in any format, for any language.

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Multilingual Onboarding and Training

Why eLearning? Globalization is changing the way that people do business, opening up new markets and workforces that must integrate to maximize their potential. Most large businesses (and many smaller ones) have—or aspire to have—a multinational reach, which means they must also take a multilingual, multicultural approach.

eLearning is the ideal method for the onboarding, training, and instruction of multilingual, multicultural workforces around the globe. This has never been truer than over the past few years; as more industries than ever have shifted to hybrid or fully remote workforces, they have demanded innovative new adaptations to recruit, retain, and train top talent. Since geographic location is now far less of a barrier to employees, companies have broadened their networks to include professionals from many different languages, countries, and cultural backgrounds.

With the help of Trusted Translations skilled localization experts, eLearning programs can empower employees to expand and develop their skill sets. This, in turn, helps boost overall productivity—for any workforce, anywhere in the world, in any language. From standard training on productivity tools, like Office and Adobe Creative Suite, to specialized courses addressing safety, soft skills, technical literacy, and more, Trusted Translations eLearning localization services can help companies lower their costs, improve productivity, and expand their available human resources.

Did You Know?
Trusted Translations can localize any eLearning solution while preserving its original format.
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Trusted Translation is a leader in the translation and localization of eLearning solutions.
Did You Know?
eLearning solutions are an increasingly popular choice for training multilingual workforces.
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eLearning retention increases dramatically when presented in the learner’s native language.
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Did You Know?

eLearning Localization Services

There’s more to eLearning than text—much more—which means there’s much more to eLearning localization than the simple act of translating text. Videos, engagement tools, interactive scenarios, and a variety of other multimedia resources are just a few of the options included in today’s cutting-edge eLearning experiences. Of course, with so many features available, it’s essential to work with a team that’s prepared to execute every element of an eLearning program to a high standard.

Thanks to our integrated teams of linguists, graphic designers, voice artists, and other multimedia specialists, Trusted Translations can deliver finished, ready-to-deploy eLearning resources to our valued clients.

These are just a few of the modern eLearning solutions that Trusted Translations has delivered to satisfied clients:

Learning videos

Interactive scenarios

Infographics, interactive pdfs


Blended learning programs

eLearning courses

Trusted Translations’ eLearning Expertise

Agility, innovation, integrity, and a tireless commitment to client satisfaction are central to everything we do at Trusted Translations. Our passionate linguists, graphic designers, multimedia experts, and sales and customer service specialists have been working together to deliver high-quality, tailor-made content for more than 15 years.

When you work with Trusted Translations, this team of dedicated professionals is at your service from start to finish—from planning to delivery. Contact Trusted Translations for all your eLearning translation and localization needs, great or small.