Technical Translation

We specialize in high-quality technical translations performed by select teams of translators with extensive industry expertise. Whether you have a technical manual, engineering specifications, or a patent application to be translated, we are your solution for highly accurate and reliable technical translations.

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Technical Translations

The translation of any technical document is an important element in successfully exporting your products and services. Technical translation requires an extremely strong, precise knowledge of industry-specific terms and formats, which can often be complex. To rest assured that your technical translations are completely accurate, work with a team of tried-and-tested translators that can combine language proficiency with this industry-specific expertise.

Trusted Translations is your solution for technical translations delivered on time, within budget, and to a high standard of accuracy. The following are examples of the types of technical documents we frequently translate:

  • Engineering specifications
  • Instruction and operating manuals
  • Scientific and white papers
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Data sheets
  • Other technical documentation
  • Online technical E-Learning modules
  • Electronic manuals and guides

Spanish Technical Translations

Trusted Translations has specific expertise in Spanish language technical translations. With unparalleled experience in Spanish translation services, our team can even help advise you on the appropriate form of Spanish for your translations as well as meet all your technical linguistic requirements. For example, depending on your target market, your technical translations might need to be delivered in neutral Spanish to ensure that your materials can be comprehended by professionals, technicians, and end-users from any Spanish-speaking country, or in a specific dialect to target the audience of a specific Hispanic country.

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We provide Fortune 500 companies with technical translations at 25 - 50% below market.
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Trusted Translations provides a satisfaction guarantee for every technical translation.
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Technical translation makes up the bulk of the global translation industry.
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Our clients include top manufacturers like J&S Chemical, Duracell, Hyundai, and more.
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Technical Translation Teams

At Trusted Translations, our professional translators are selected based on both their linguistic abilities and their knowledge of the specific content being translated. We also have a thorough quality assurance process that guarantees the accuracy and quality of all technical translations.

Our process for any technical document, such as a technical instruction manual for example, is to assign the project to translators who have the necessary academic credentials as well as real world experience in the specific subject matter. Furthermore, all of our technical translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries, and industry-specific glossaries, ensuring that any translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

With multiple rounds of review, our expert project managers and design teams will then make sure that your content is accurately translated and published in the right format, on-time and within budget. This will allow you and your team to focus on other key tasks for your organization, such as launching your new product, increasing productivity, or driving top line revenue.

Since we have an in-house staff complete with software engineers and developers, we work with all types of program content and in all electronic file formats; you can send all your technical material to us for translation, rather than needing to seek out multiple translation providers. On the delivery end, we also provide our clients with “ready-to-publish” files to make your experience as smooth as possible.

We are experts in projects both large and small, and we can work within your time constraints no matter the project type. To learn more about Trusted Translations’ technical translation services, please get in contact with us today.