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Trusted Translations, a leading provider of Turkish language services, offers competitive rates for translation projects involving Turkish, English, and other languages. With a focus on tight deadlines, our culturally aware team is well-equipped to also handle the linguistic and cultural nuances of Turkish-speaking regions in Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Greece.

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Türkiye Embraces the Future

An ancient trading hub with a promising future, Turkey recently adopted a new identity for the 21st century: as of May 2022, its new official name is the Republic ofTürkiye. Moreover, in the course of its long history, its renowned capital on the Bosphorus has gone by three names: Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul.

Following the decline of the Ottoman Empire and its status as the “Sick Man of Europe” after World War I, today’s Türkiye underwent a transformative journey under the visionary leadership of Turkish nationalist Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In 1923, the Republic of Turkey was established, with Ankara becoming the new capital.

As a member of NATO, Türkiye swiftly implemented Western-style institutions and adopted a 29-letter Latin alphabet, featuring front (e, i, ö, ü) and back (a, ı, o, u) sets of vowels. Today, Turkish (Türkçe) is spoken by around 78 million people worldwide, with nearly 90% residing in Türkiye.

Welcoming Turkish Culture

Turkish culture is characterized by its hospitality, friendliness, and emphasis on trust and personal connections. With a complex system of honorifics to convey respect and politeness, navigating the various verb forms and pronouns used to address people of different ages and social statuses requires the expertise of a professional native translator.

Did You Know?
The Turkish alphabet was revised in 1932, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
Did You Know?
Turkish has many honorifics and etiquette-related rules.
Did You Know?
Turkish is also the official language of Cyprus.
Did You Know?
In 2022, the U.N. accepted Turkey's name change to Türkiye.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Navigating Cultural Sensitivities while Conducting Business in Türkiye

In a society that values leisurely and lengthy negotiations, having a native translator, such as the Trusted Translations team, is crucial—alongside ample patience—when engaging in discussions about terms, conditions, and prices.

Offering competitive translation rates and tight timeframes for projects working in Turkish and English, as well as other languages, Trusted Translations is a leading Turkish language services provider. Its culturally aware staff is also well qualified to deal with cultural variations in Turkish-speaking regions of Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Greece.