Government Translation

Trusted Translations, Inc. has vast experience in dealing with all facets of government translation services. We have worked with top federal agencies, including NASA, The United States Army, The United States Marine Corp, FEMA and Homeland Security. We have also worked with many state and local governments to fulfill their translation needs.

Capabilities Statement

Please Download our Capabilities Statement.

Forms of Payment

At Trusted Translations, we accept all of forms of payment including all major credit cards for smaller purchases as well as wire, check and ACH transfers. Also, please inquire into early payment discounts made by ACH transfer. Our mission is to make it as easy for you and your government organization to purchase our high-quality translation services.

Federal Government Translations

As an authorized and registered vendor of the United States Government, Trusted Translations has extensive expertise translating Federal documentation involving a wide range of subject matters. From complex engineering specifications to mandated emergency procedures, we have the proven ability to deliver high-quality translations to the Federal government. Furthermore, as a trusted vendor of the U.S. Government, we add value to any government bid or contract as a valid subcontractor.

As recognition of its past performances in the public and private sectors, Trusted Translations was awarded a contract by the GSA for document translation services valid through 2015.

State and Local Government Translations

With a diverse immigrant population scattered throughout the United States, state and local governments need to have key documentation translated into various languages in order to effectively communicate with their community. Trusted Translations has worked with state and local agencies throughout the United States, including those with a high percentage of immigrants, such as New York, California, Florida, Virginia and Texas. As part of the U.S. Recovery Act, State and Local government can also take advantage of Trusted Translations’ GSA Language Schedule.

Government Contractors

Whether Federal, State or local, many government contracts are large multipurpose contracts involving various elements. Trusted Translations has acted as a valuable sub-contractor for many large government projects. We are accustomed to delivering difficult requirements under tight deadlines, all at rates that allow you to comply with your budget requirements. Our preferential pricing for government-related projects coupled with our high-quality output make us an ideal partner for any government contract or bid.

Trusted Translations adheres to the highest quality standards, exceeding those set by ISO 9001:2015. You can rely on Trusted Translations to provide you confidential and accurate government translations at preferential rates. Call Trusted Translations today to see how we can help you with your government translations.