Discounts in Translations

As happens in many other fields of the “services” sector, translation agencies often offer certain promotions or discounts that result from a series of variables. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Discount for project size

This is the typical discount that results from the size and complexity of the project specifically. At times, when the project is very large and the price is significant, the client can negotiate the final price by claiming that it entrusts a large part of its work to the agency, which is successful on most occasions.

Discount for CAT

What is more and more frequent is that clients have an understanding of the computer assisted translation tools and understand the advantages of their use (they handle the translation of repeated sentences or segments automatically, allow for the agency to offer a product that has complete consistency in the translation of terms, etc.). These tools mean that the client does not pay for all of the words contained in the document(s), but only for those that are new, since even segments that are not exactly the same but similar to others (fuzzy matches) also incur a reduced cost in the final project total.

Special or promotional discounts

Likewise, agencies can also offer special promotions or discount vouchers for recurring clients, thereby adding another incentive for them to remain as loyal customers and to never go in search of a new translation agency.

Discount for poor work

Lastly, and this is the least pleasant option for all parties, is the reduction in price for a project when the client is not satisfied. This dissatisfaction can result from several problems: a quality of translation that the client deems insufficient, whether due to incorrect or inadequate terminology was used or because certain instructions were not followed regarding terminology, style, or any other aspect of the project, or if the deadline was not met.

Though translation costs tend to be similar for translation agencies in a certain region, we have seen that it is possible to arrange for discounts or lower rates, in general, if there is a solid relationship based on trust between the client company and the agency. Thus, the ideal situation is that a translation agency retains recurring clients by offering, according to the conditions and never neglecting quality, an arrangement that is beneficial to both parties, resulting in steady business for the agency and peace of mind for the recurring client, who can now trust that their translations will be handled by a company they trust while they also receive an economic benefit.