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A Presidential Challenge

Translating and interpreting for the President of the United States has always been a challenging undertaking. The current administration is no exception. First of all,

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How To Lose A Client In 3 Steps

Everyday, our industry becomes more and more competitive. Whether it be linguists competing for smaller projects, or agencies with large teams competing for larger ones,

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Ten Untranslatable Feelings

In most Western countries, Saint Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14.  In honor of this celebration, which is becoming increasingly popular, we will see

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Madlibs no More

One of the greatest challenges a translator must face are passages out of context. Without reference materials and context, a quality translation may be completely

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What Exactly is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a learning disability derived from a neurological developmental disorder. Persons with dyslexia do not necessarily manifest any physical, psychological nor sociocultural disorders. They

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