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The iPad and Wordfast Anywhere

I recently read a story that I think may be of interest: Wordfast Wordfast has launched Anywhere, that is, the first professional translation memory software

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INDD files and DTP

Indd files are those created with Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign is a design program that is used for design work such as posters, brochures, manuals,

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What Are Neologisms?

The richness of language lets us speak differently and over time create new words, which is known as a ‘neologism’. A neologism is generated in

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In specialized translation projects, we experience on a daily basis the reality that the terms used in the jargon of some engineers are not endorsed

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Americanisms and Mexicanisms

An “Americanism” is a phrase from one of the native American languages, which is incorporated into other languages, or a word of those languages (especially

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