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Language-related Technology

Language technology is the result of applying language knowledge to the development of computer systems. We can classify this into two groups: technology of speech

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The Meaning of Mokusatsu

While it is a legend that was never confirmed, it is said that the bombing of Hiroshima was the result of a mistranslation. Let us

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What Does Creole Mean

A “creole” language is defined as a language that developed from the fusion of two cultures. To put it more simply, creole languages are born

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Interpreters with Google Android

As we have discussed in several articles over the past year, Google is always developing new applications for translation or interpretation with limited success, since

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Tunisia and Egypt

Tunisia is in North Africa, with borders on the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria and Libya. Although Arabic is the official language, French is the language of

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How to Write “Simply”

When a client requests a translation from an agency, they usually require that certain guidelines are met, or provide instructions or directions that need to

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The Languages of Africa

Official estimates state that there are 2,000 languages spoken throughout the continent of Africa, which are then broken down into these groups: * Afro-asiatic: these

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