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An experienced Vietnamese translation services provider with competitive rates, Trusted Translations offers cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes. Delivering culturally sensitive and accurate translations within tight timeframes, our native translators are localization experts.

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For documentation involving Vietnamese, English, and many other European and Asian languages, the bicultural and bilingual TT teams make sure our clients can communicate seamlessly with their clients.

Vietnamese Across the World

The Vietnamese diaspora is among the world’s largest. It was fueled largely by waves of migration since the mid-XX century with the end of the First Indochina War (1946-1954) and the subsequent partition of Vietnam.

Thousands of Vietnamese families fled from their homeland in the aftermath of the Vietnam War (1954–75), seeking refuge in other countries. Today, there are an estimated 4.5 million Vietnamese living outside their homeland, with thriving communities in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany.

Reflecting its long-shared history with other Eastern societies, the family remains a pillar of Vietnamese culture. Family ties and strong, with multi-generational homes commonplace. Children are expected to care for aging parents, with filial piety expected.

Doing Business in Vietnam

With a fast-growing economy, Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign investments. This appeal is underpinned by Its strategic location and strong connections to other markets in Southeast Asia and beyond.

With a population of over 96 million and a growing middle class, Vietnam is a potentially lucrative market. Better still, foreign investment is encouraged through government incentives like tax breaks and regional benefits.

Confucian principles are important throughout Vietnamese society, particularly duty and moral uprightness. Demonstrating respect and deference for seniority and authority is also vital.

Furthermore, foreigners should remember that Vietnam’s business culture is rooted in relationships and hierarchies. This means that building trust and establishing strong personal links are keys to success.

Did You Know?
Vietnamese is the sixth most spoken language in the United States.
Did You Know?
Vietnamese has three major dialects: Northern, Middle, and Southern.
Did You Know?
Vietnam is the world's second largest coffee producer, after Brazil.
Did You Know?
Vietnam is a key exporter of garments and textiles, electronics, and smartphones.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Vietnamese: A Beautiful and Culturally Complex Language

The official language of Vietnam and spoken by close to 100 million people worldwide, Vietnamese is a tonal language. It has six tones: level, acute, grave, hook, tilde, and short. This can be tricky for Western speakers, as the tone of a word can change its meaning.

Using the Latin alphabet (introduced by French colonizers in the XVII century), the Vietnamese alphabet has 29 letters. Some have diacritical marks, which indicate tone and pronunciation.

Its relatively simple grammar has no verb conjugation, gender, or plural forms. Instead, words are modified by particles that express tenses and other functions. Many phrases reflect traditional Vietnamese values and beliefs, influenced by Confucianism.

Experienced Vietnamese Translation Teams

Although many educated Vietnamese professionals speak English well, foreign executives should do their research. Understanding the local business culture means working with trusted local partners to ensure success.

That’s why the highly qualified Vietnamese desk at Trusted Translations goes the extra mile, proofreading for cultural awareness, as well as flawless grammar. This meticulous care ensures compliance with stringent ISO 9001:2015 standards, attuned to the unique culture of Vietnam.