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Dominican Spanish

When Columbus came to America, in 1492, his ships anchoredat what is now The Dominican Republic. The island, which he named Hispaniola, became the first

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Colombian Spanish

Colombia is a country as big as the variety of its dialects, which have differences in semantics, syntax, morphology and intonation. The northern dialects share

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Uruguayan Spanish

We mentioned in other publications that, normally, the Spanish spoken in Argentina is called “rioplatense”, an adjective that takes it name from the areas adjacent

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Chilean Spanish

Chilean Spanish, the Chilean dialect or Chilean castellano has three major influences: the indigenous languages (the Mapuche language and the Quechua of the south), “rioplatense”

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Argentine Spanish

The type of Spanish spoken in Argentina is a very different to that spoken in Spain and has various peculiarities. In particular, it is a

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Ecuadorian Spanish

In Latin America, as in the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, there is a rich spectrum of Spanish variants. While all Spanish-speakers understand each other,

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Bolivian Spanish

With 1.098.581 km2 a little over 10 million people, Bolivia has no fewer than 37 official languages! The Plurinational State of Bolivia (its official name)

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Argentine Language Academy

It was founded in 1931. Given that at first it did not have the characteristics of a “Language Academy”, it was just “associated” to the

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What type of French to use

In previous articles we introduced the different French variations, and made the comparison with Spanish. While all French speakers can understand each other, as with

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