Castilian Spanish

Castilian and Spanish

Castilian is usually understood as Spanish for the Spanish, but also as a general name for the Spanish Language.

The name “Castilian” or Castellano is the classic and most traditional term used to refer to the Spanish Language; recently however, “Spanish” has taken over as the most used term worldwide.

Castilian and European Spanish

Prior to commencing any Spanish translation project, it is extremely important to understand the different types of Spanish used in the world. Even the meaning of certain terms in the translation industry can vary depending on the context. The term “Castilian Spanish” is commonly used to refer to the Spanish spoken in Spain, aka “European Spanish”. However, it can also be understood as the Spanish dialect spoken in the region of Castile in Spain and, in another context, it can be used to refer to neutral Spanish understood in all Spanish-speaking countries.

“Castilian Spanish” is often used in the following manners:

  • The North-Central standard of Spanish, as opposed to the Spanish spoken in other regions of Spain, such as in the South (Andalusian).
  • The Spanish of Spain, as opposed to the Spanish spoken in Central and South America.
  • Neutral Spanish often referred to as “pure” Spanish and backed by the Royal Spanish Academy.

At Trusted Translations, Inc., we normally recommend that your Spanish translations be done in a neutral Spanish that is widely understood in all Spanish-speaking markets. Depending on the needs of each client, we also offer Spanish translations for the Spanish (Spain) market, for Latin America, for the United States or for any Latin American Spanish local dialect. It can be as specific as a region of a particular country.

Localizing to Castilian Spanish

While we normally recommend you use a neutral Spanish, if your organization’s primary objective is to reach the Spanish-speaking population in Spain, it is critical you consider localizing your content to Castilian Spanish. This applies even to content you already have in Spanish. Trusted Translations, Inc. has provided some of the top companies in the world with Spanish to Castilian Spanish adaptations. This requires the use of native Spanish speakers from Spain to edit Spanish content so that it perfectly addresses the local market in Spain.

Spanish for Spain

It is well documented that Spaniards prefer to read content tailored to their dialect. Given the roots of the Spanish language, Spaniards often consider Spanish spoken and written outside of Spain as “not pure” and even offensive. Several well-known companies have made this error in the past making news headlines with their “offensive content”.

The good news is that our expert translators are accustomed to modifying Spanish from another region to Castilian Spanish. Thus, with little cost and time you can modify key Spanish content for Spain. This small investment can make all the difference in the results you and your organization are trying to accomplish. Further, you may save yourself some bad press.