Neutral Spanish

Neutral Spanish

Neutral Spanish, commonly referred to as Standard Spanish, Global Spanish or Universal Spanish, is a variation of the Spanish language used to allow the greatest number of Spanish speakers to understand the message without the use of local terminology and certain verb tenses. Spanish has evolved over thousands of years across many continents. Hence, many variations and “dialects” of the Spanish language have emerged and are in use across the globe. This presents an interesting situation for anyone that seeks to target all or part of the Spanish-speaking market. It provides an opportunity to tailor a particular translation to target a very specific group, making your communication more effective. However, if your intention is to target a broader audience of Spanish speakers, you will need to use a neutral Spanish that will be accepted and understood by the entire Spanish-speaking population.

Standard Spanish

Standard Spanish is not simply the “absence of idioms and regional mannerisms”, meaning it is not merely the lowest common denominator of all varieties of Spanish. It is a different dialect itself, one that has some tenses that are not found in other linguistic varieties; for example, certain verbal tenses (e.g. the future perfect tense) have virtually disappeared from the normal dialects and survive only in Standard Spanish.

Global Spanish

Trusted Translations, Inc. understands the challenges in dealing with Global Spanish and is one of the few companies that has expert Spanish translators in almost every major Spanish dialect. Our Spanish translators are trained in translating to and from Global Spanish, thus ensuring that your translated text is accepted and understood by all Spanish speakers. This can be extremely important as you try to use Global Spanish in various markets. Having a well translated document in Neutral Spanish can also save you the expense of localizing the text to fit every target country.

Universal Spanish

Universal Spanish can be a challenge, given all the different local expressions and variations in the Spanish language. Specifically, it uses more generic terminology and avoids the use of colloquial and more informal phrases that vary from country to country. It also takes into account terminology and phrases that may be considered offensive in certain countries..

Neutral Spanish Translation

Prior to sending a document, text or media file for translation, one of the most important decisions will be what type of Spanish should be used. While Spanish is considered to be a uniform language, it has “dialects” and forms of usage depending on your target audience. Trusted Translations understands the nuances of Neutral Spanish. We will help you decide when to use Neutral Spanish or localize your Spanish to a specific market.

Hispanic Neutral Spanish

As the largest minority, U.S. Hispanics have become a critical market for almost every organization. As U.S. Hispanics are made up of several nationalities and cultures, they require special treatment in terms of the determining the type of Spanish used for communications. If you intend to address Hispanics in the entire country, we recommend a more neutral Hispanic Spanish.