RoboHelp Translation Advantages

Before online help tools such as RoboHelp were available, customer support could only be administered through printed documentation, through the mail or over the telephone. These methods are time consuming, resource depleting and expensive. Now that so many people have access to these self-help solutions in the palm of their hand, the question at stake is how to make it available to people in multiple languages. Trusted Translations professional industry-specific translators will not only accurately translate your online help systems, but we will also localize any of its embedded content, from images to videos and slideshows with the expertise of our desktop publishing team. All of your embedded multimedia files will be professionally handled and delivered to you in a seamlessly formatted manner that makes them look as though they had never been translated.

Did You Know?

RoboHelp Embedded Files Desktop Publishing

A RoboHelp translation can include many embedded elements, and at Trusted Translations we understand the importance of respecting every detail of a translation project. Our desktop publishing expert team will ensure that any embedded videos, PDFs, images and their corresponding text, charts, graphics and more are individually managed and executed. Our desktop publishers will extract all embedded elements of the document to be worked on accordingly, while our industry-specific translators will accurately translate all of the embedded text and reincorporate it within the same layout.