Translation Services
for AutoCAD

AutoCAD documents are among the most complex file formats to translate, and Trusted Translations’ professional team has the necessary knowledge and expertise to make it a truly seamless experience for all of your AutoCAD translation needs. When you work with us, we guarantee an accurately translated and seamlessly designed product so you can focus on your company’s core competency; whether it be engineering, architecture or graphic design.

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Trusted Translations is your one-stop solution for all of your AutoCAD translation needs, from industry-specific translators to professional desktop publishers, our expert team will break down language barriers so you can share your AutoCAD projects in any language.

Translations for Engineers, Architects and Graphic Designers

At Trusted Translations we understand the importance of accuracy and precision in the engineering, architectural and graphic design industries. That’s why we only work with the most experienced industry-specific translators who help eliminate communication barriers so you can share your AutoCAD project with anyone in the world. We deliver the most precise translations for architectural, engineering, and graphic design projects so you can rest assured knowing that every detail of your project is accurately communicated. Not only do we provide the highest quality AutoCAD project translations in the industry, we also offer the services of our in-house desktop publishing team so we can deliver our clients a completely translated, formatted and designed AutoCAD project that’s ready for immediate use. Additionally, we will work with you and your design team upon request.

Did You Know?
We maintain the original format of all your AutoCAD translation projects.
Did You Know?
We translate architectural, engineering, and graphic design projects.
Did You Know?
We eliminate language barriers so you can share your AutoCAD project globally.
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We will return your AutoCAD translation projects to you ready for immediate use.
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Did You Know?

AutoCAD Translation Process

Upon receipt of an AutoCAD translation project, our desktop publishing team first extracts all translatable text from the document. This allows for a more accurate translation by our professional translators who are able to use Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT Tools). Finally, the translated text is reincorporated into the original document by our desktop publishing team in order to readjust the formatting and layout to make it look as though it had never been translated. Our industry-specific translators will accurately and professionally translate all your AutoCAD documents while our desktop publishing team will ensure the original format and layout of your document is preserved.

Industry-Specific Translations of AutoCAD Files

At Trusted Translations we understand the importance of precision and industry-specific translation. That’s the reason we assign each translation project to industry-specific experts who will deliver the most accurate and professional translation in the industry. We only assign AutoCAD projects to translators who have experience with technical translations and have a thorough understanding of AutoCAD, so you can convey your message as precisely as possible in the target language. Trusted Translations’ professional team of translators leaves no detail unattended. Our team understands that in the engineering and architectural industries, the precision of every unit and measurement is of the utmost importance. That’s why our translators make certain that the units and measurements within your AutoCAD project are converted as precisely as possible. This allows for us to deliver our clients a complete and accurate AutoCAD translation that’s ready for immediate use.