Pages for Mac

We guarantee the highest quality translations in the industry for all of your posters, newsletters, brochures, certificates, reports, formal letters and more. Whether you are using Pages for word processing or page layout purposes, our industry-specific translators will deliver a skillfully translated and localized product to be broadcast to a wider audience, and our desktop publishing team will assure it is seamlessly formatted for immediate use.

Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS Desktop Publishing

At Trusted Translations we understand that a Pages for Mac and Pages for iOS document can contain many elements that must be accounted for during the translation process. We believe that every element of a translation project should be respected, managed and successfully completed; everything from headers, footers, photos, interactive charts, images, cells, tables, graphs and equations, to media such as videos, sounds and diagrams, just to name a few. Likewise, if your Pages document has embedded Microsoft Word documents, our desktop publishing team will extract these embedded documents so they can undergo an individual translation process. Read more about our Microsoft Word translation services here. Our expert team of translators and desktop publishers ensures that the final product will not only be professionally translated, but that every component of your Pages document is seamlessly reincorporated, ready for immediate use. Additionally, we will work with your company’s design team upon request. We will take on a Pages translation project of any size, no matter how complex, and will deliver a professionally translated and skillfully designed Pages document in return.

Did You Know?

Apple Pages to Microsoft Word Conversion

When you work on an Apple Pages translation project with Trusted Translations, you won’t have to undergo any extra steps either pre or post translation; we are your one-stop solution. Upon request, we can convert your Pages for Mac document into a Microsoft Word document in the case that your recipient does not have the ability to open a Pages document on their device. This will not only save you time and the hassle of converting the document yourself, but it will make your Pages creations available to a wider public. Trusted Translations is your one-stop provider for all of your Pages translation needs; every element of the document is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and ready for immediate use.