Lectora Translation Services

The undeniable importance of online education has become ever more evident with the appearance of new e-learning platforms such as Lectora. At Trusted Translations we understand the importance of these platforms and our objective is to facilitate e-learning and to reach a wider audience through translation.

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Our expert team of translators, editors and desktop publishers will ensure that your message is accurately and appropriately translated and seamlessly designed to reach your target audience.
Whether you are looking to translate a webinar, a how-to course or a blog tutorial, Trusted Translations is your best choice for fast and accurate translations.

Lectora Translation Process

At Trusted Translations we understand that education is a dynamic and interactive experience and that there are many elements to keep in mind during the translation process. A file format such as Lectora can be quite complex to translate due to the fact that it oftentimes contains many embedded elements. Upon receipt of a Lectora translation project, we first extract the embedded elements and their text in order for them to be compatible with our Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT Tools). This allows our translators to deliver a fast and accurate translation. After the text has been translated, it undergoes a post-translation desktop publishing step in which our expert DTP team reincorporates the translated text into the original format and adjusts the layout and design accordingly. Our professional team of industry-specific translators will make certain that your original message remains intact, while our dedicated in-house desktop publishing team will ensure that all elements of the layout and design are preserved.

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We provide skillful translations of webinars, how-to courses, and blog tutorials.
Did You Know?
We understand that online education is a dynamic and interactive experience.
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Convert your PowerPoint presentations into an e-learning course through Lectora.
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We will help you appeal to a specific audience and widen your scope of e-learners.
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PowerPoint to Lectora Conversion

Lectora is an optimal instrument for converting a PowerPoint presentation into an e-learning course. Among the advantages of working with Trusted Translations is the fact that our team of professionals has the expertise and resources to incorporate your PowerPoint presentations into Lectora. If you would like to import PowerPoint slides into your Lectora project, our in-house desktop publishing team will help create an interactive and engaging e-learning presentation. Not only will your PowerPoint be accurately translated by our industry-specific translators, but it will be seamlessly incorporated into Lectora by our desktop publishing team to make it look as though it had never been translated.

Whether you’re looking to appeal to a specific audience, or are simply looking to widen your scope of e-learners, Trusted Translations’ professional translation services will allow you to expand the boundaries of online education.