CorelDRAW Translation Services

Trusted Translations is a one-stop solution for all your CorelDRAW translation projects. Whether you are looking to translate a company logo, a brochure, a web graphic or social media ads, we not only professionally translate and localize your original creations, we also reformat and design them. Our one-stop solution helps eliminate the hassle of finding and hiring a separate design company to reformat your images and allows you to use your translated images immediately.

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CorelDRAW Translation Method

We follow a series of steps when working on a CorelDRAW translation project in order to ensure that the outcome is of the highest quality. Additionally, we work with several formats including .cdr, .cdx, .cdt and .cmx. The first step we take upon receipt of your CorelDRAW creation is to turn it over to our expert desktop publishing team so they can extract all translatable text. This allows our translators to work with our Computer-Assisted Translation Tools (CAT Tools), which in turn will yield the most accurate and efficient translation possible. Our industry-specific translators will ensure you receive a specialized and localized translation for all of your CorelDRAW creations so you can reach your target audience with the highest possible precision. Subsequently, the document passes through a final desktop publishing step in order to readjust the formatting and layout with the newly translated text. Our expert translators will not only translate but localize everything from logos, brochures, website graphics, social media advertisements, just to name a few, so you can reach your target audience while simultaneously reaching a wider public. We deliver the highest quality translations even when the translation project involves heavy graphics or a complex design layout; every translation will be delivered to you designed and ready for immediate use.

Working with different versions of CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW’s version history is about as long as any other established software program, which means that there are quite a few versions–namely, 19–we may come across for our clients’ translation needs. At Trusted Translations we have the necessary tools and expertise to work with any version of CorelDRAW that you may provide us with. Our desktop publishing team will take on the challenges of your CorelDRAW creations and make them look as close to the original as possible, all while delivering the same version of CorelDRAW as the source document.

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Error-free logos and other print materials are essential for multilingual marketing.
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Our desktop publishers are experts in managing CorelDRAW graphics.
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Our experts can navigate the 20+ different versions of CorelDRAW.
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We have worked on print and digital advertising projects for top marketing companies.
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Desktop Publishing (DTP) for CorelDRAW Translations

It is well known that a CorelDRAW document is mainly utilized for the fabrication of visual creations such as logos, posters, brochures, web graphics etc. At Trusted Translations, we are aware that in the marketing world, image plays a crucial role in accurately communicating your message to your target audience. This is why our in-house desktop publishing team specializes in translation-related design services of the highest quality.

A desktop publishing step is always necessary when it comes to CorelDRAW translation projects. In many cases, it must pass through a desktop publishing step not once, but twice during the translation process: once pre-translation to extract the text, and once post-translation in order to reintegrate the text into the images and reformat the design. Translating a file format such as CorelDRAW is notoriously complex in the translation industry; firstly, CorelDRAW is not compatible with CAT Tools, and must therefore be manually edited by DTP by extracting the text so it can be translated. Likewise, the translated text must be reincorporated into the original format to make it look as though it had never been translated. A simple translation can become quite cumbersome if you are using separate sources for your translation and graphic design needs. If this is the case, Trusted Translations is your one-stop solution. Not only do we work with the most professional and experienced translators in the industry, but we also have an expert in-house desktop publishing team that specializes in translation-related design. Additionally, we will work with your company’s design team upon request.