Adobe Premiere

Our services include transcription, subtitling, dubbing, captioning, and translation, just to name a few. Our expert team of translators and editors manually transcribe all your videos, so the subtle nuances of both vocal and nonvocal communication are not lost by voice recognition software.

Nonverbal Aspects of Translation

At Trusted Translations we understand that a video transcription encompasses many elements of communication that are not necessarily speech oriented: facial expressions, music lyrics, and other sounds are all important non-verbal nuances that should be taken into account during transcription. That’s why all of our transcriptions are done by humans who are able to distinguish these subtle but critical elements of communication. Our team of experts will also ensure that every phrase aligns seamlessly with the audio and visual components of your video.

Did You Know?

Services for Adobe Premiere Videos

At Trusted Translations we will take on all of your Adobe Premiere video projects, no matter the length or complexity. Everything from transcription services, subtitles, dubbing, captioning, and the translation of all of these, will be executed with the highest quality in the industry. Our expert team of video editors and translators work together to deliver a final product that is ready for immediate use. We only work with experienced, industry-specific translators who will accurately translate all of your Adobe Premiere video projects whether you are looking to translate an educational video on a specific subject, a corporate video for your company that pertains to a certain industry, or a video presentation aimed at a specific audience. Our translators will not only accurately translate your videos in order to reach a wider global audience, they will also localize the translations so you can reach your target audience, whether they are business partners in another part of the world, or employees of overseas subsidiaries who need to view company training videos in their native language. Trusted Translations is your one-stop solution for all of your Adobe Premiere project needs, because when you work with us, you won’t have to undergo any extra steps in order to achieve the highest quality final product in the industry.