Remote Multilingual
Interpretation Services on Zoom

Remote work has become an everyday reality for many organizations, and Zoom is one of the preferred platforms for users around the world. At Trusted Translations our linguists are experts in the use of Zoom to provide interpretation services for meetings, webinars or conferences, making us the ideal solution for all of your remote interpretation needs.

Variations on Remote Interpretation Services

Remote language interpretation can take place either simultaneously or consecutively. Simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is often used when speaking to large groups in settings such as conferences and presentations, while during consecutive interpretation the interpreter first listens to the speaker’s message, and the speaker then pauses to allow the interpreter to convey the message to the receiver in the target language.

This last method of interpretation is appropriate for smaller groups. However, the intermittent flow of conversation makes the interaction longer. At any rate, it is an option for breakout sessions for which the Language Interpretation feature is not available. For multilingual meetings with further group interaction, breakout rooms can be organized in a way where an interpreter can join and carry on providing at least a consecutive interpretation in a given language combination.

Trusted Translations proudly offers both of these professional services to our clients, ensuring their interpretation needs are met accurately and efficiently.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation in Remote Mode

Once you understand the two types of interpretation services as described above, it’s time we looked at how to use an intuitive platform such as Zoom to suit your needs. In other words, Trusted Translations can schedule the ideal interpreters for your meeting, while Zoom can provide the platform with the appropriate solution to cover your remote assignments.

Consecutive services can be provided for every Zoom solution, starting with the free option and moving on to the Pro, Business or Enterprise. Indeed, you may use an interpreter on Zoom in a similar way as when using a conference bridge for an over-the-phone interpreting service, with the added advantage of being able to share screens thus allowing for the benefits of interpreting the body language used throughout the session.

Simultaneous services can only be provided using the Zoom Webinars solution. However, simultaneous interpretation is not an option for breakout sessions spinning off of a webinar, in which case you still have the chance of combining simultaneous for the main session and a consecutive interpretation service for breakout ones. For multilingual meetings, you can always organize breakout sessions in groups split by language combination.

Did You Know?
Zoom averages over 350 million daily meeting participants.
Did You Know?
Zoom is the preferred platform of almost 75% of remote interpreters.
Did You Know?
86% of U.S. law courts plan to have some virtual proceedings in future.
Did You Know?
34% of event organizers expect to invest more in hybrid events.
Did You Know?
Did You Know?

Professional Interpretation for Zoom Meetings and Webinars

Before we can schedule a remote interpreter for your Zoom meeting, you need to confirm that your account has the Language Interpretation feature enabled. This feature is currently available for all users on Pro, Business, and Enterprise accounts. However, if you aren’t sure, or if you know the feature is not enabled for your Zoom account, please contact Zoom Support right away, as it can take up to 3 business days to have the account set up.

Once the Language Interpretation feature is enabled, you will be ready to designate participants as interpreters in your meetings or webinars.

If you decide that your upcoming meeting, conference, webinar or online training requires multiple languages in order to effectively communicate with your target audience, you will have to manually configure your meeting or webinar in advance to allow multiple language audio channels. Unfortunately, the feature cannot be activated in the middle of an impromptu meeting.

Language Interpretation can be enabled at different levels (account, group or user) so that you can have it ready by default. It can also be turned on during a specific meeting or webinar if not done by default as well, which might happen when using an Enterprise account.

When scheduling a meeting, the organizer can assign the interpreters for one or multiple languages using the interpreter’s e-mail. This way, interpreters can readily log into the channel where they will be performing their task right from the start. However, interpreters can also be assigned to a channel by the host at any time during the session.

When the meeting or webinar starts, the host activates the interpretation feature. The interpreters will provide their own audio feed for the language they are interpreting to. Attendees choose the audio channel of their selected language and have the option of either muting the source speaker and listen to their selected language only, or to also hear the source speaker at a volume lower than their selected language.

Our Staff for Your Interpretation Requirements on Zoom

Our team of professional Calendar Managers and interpreters have extensive experience performing interpretations on Zoom. Our certified linguists possess the experience and knowledge to provide high-quality, accurate services interpreting to and from more than 200 languages (including sign languages like ASL). We perform a rigorous screening to ensure that our interpreters are qualified to provide our clients with professional, detailed and dependable services. Trusted Translations can accommodate both standard and short-notice service requests.

Sign Language Interpretation on Zoom

Everyone can enjoy a remote conversation because the platform can create a more accessible environment when you bring Sign Language Interpretation (like ASL) to your sessions. Meeting and webinar hosts can designate multiple experts as sign language channel interpreters, and participants can choose which sign language interpretation they want to see.

A Service with Constant Upgrades

Beware there is a lot or R&D related to the development of new features and functionalities for platforms like Zoom. So, please make sure to check their page and seek advice from their Technical Support or call our Calendar Managers, who will gladly share their expertise.

Benefits of Zoom Multilingual Meetings or Webinars

Besides the undeniable health safety benefits that a global audience is concerned with in this “next normal,” other benefits to reckon are:

  • The ability to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate through a digital platform in different languages
  • Worldwide availability. Given the remote nature of the job, interpreters can be located anywhere in the world
  • Increased savings since no travel expenses or equipment rental is necessary
  • Over 200 languages available, including sign language
  • Easier to assign short-term-notice jobs
  • Easy setup process