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iOS Strings Key Features

iOS Strings refer to the text and localization management system in iOS development. This system utilizes strings files to store and manage text within an app. These files contain key-value pairs, where the key is a unique identifier, and the value is the corresponding text. There are two types of Strings: NSString and NSMutuable String. NSString is an immutable string, and its content cannot be changed. NSMutable string is a mutable string allowing changes to its content.

Common Uses of iOS Strings

iOS Strings are integral to app development and serve several key purposes.

Displaying Text:

  • In labels, buttons, and other UI elements.
  • Ensuring consistent and easily maintainable text across the app.

Handling Localization and Internationalization:

  • Providing different texts for various languages and regions.
  • Using strings files to manage translations and regional content.

Providing Accessibility Features:

  • Supporting Dynamic Type, allowing text to scale based on user settings.
  • Enhancing readability with Large Text options for users with visual impairments.

Storing and Retrieving Text Data:

  • Efficiently managing and accessing text data within the app.
  • Using key-value pairs in. strings files for easy reference and updates.
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Translation Services

Trusted Translation uses iOS Strings, provides and understands that when it comes to readability and quality, nothing beats human translation services. That’s why we offer professional human
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