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PO gettext is a command in the gettext package used for internationalization and localization of software. Trusted Translations also provides PO gettext service to its customers. It is used to extract translatable strings from source code and create PO (Portable Object) files that contain the translations.

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The basic syntax of the command is:

gettext [options] [input_file]


  • gettext is the command;
  • options are various options that can be used to customize the behavior of the command;
  • input_file is the file containing the translatable strings.

Some common options used with gettext include:

It specifies the directory where the PO files will be saved. J or join existing merges the extracted strings with existing PO files. O or output file: specifies the output file name. p or output directory specifies the output directory The “po” command is used to manage PO files, which are used for translating software.

Common Uses of the “PO” Command:

  • po: Displays a summary of the PO file, including the number of translated and untranslated messages;
  • po input_file: Merges the translated messages from the input file into the existing PO file.
  • Po-report: Generates a report on the translation status of the PO file;
  • Po-sort-by-file: Sorts the messages in the PO file by file name;
  • Po-sort-by-msgid: Sorts the messages in the PO file by message ID;
  • po-update: Updates the PO file to match the latest changes in the source code.
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Options And Usage Examples:

It Displays help and usage information. PO-version displays the version of the gettext package. PO-check always checks the PO file for errors and inconsistencies. PO statistics displays statistics about the translation status of the PO file. Trusted Translations has indeed built a strong reputation as a leader in providing top-tier language solutions. With a client roster that includes Fortune 500 companies, esteemed government agencies, and a wide array of organizations, Trusted Translations has solidified its position as a go-to resource for high-quality translation services on a global scale. Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence and reliability in meeting the diverse language needs of our clients. Providing professional language services to over 10,000 businesses and entities worldwide.