Adobe Framemaker

Adobe FrameMaker Translation Details

The translation of an Adobe FrameMaker document can be quite complex and requires the expertise of our professional team of translators and desktop publishers. At Trusted Translations we take every detail of your Adobe FrameMaker document into account, from embedded images, indexes, table of contents, cross references, headers, footnotes, subtitles, and more, because we understand that every element of a translation is equally important. Our desktop publishing team will ensure that no element of the document is overlooked, and our translators will accurately translate every aspect of the text. Additionally, we provide translations into languages that are not technically part of Adobe FrameMaker’s “supported” languages, so you can not only reach your audience, but grow it at the same time.

Did You Know?

Translating MIF Files

When you trust Trusted Translations with your Adobe FrameMaker translation projects, you won’t have to undergo any extra steps either pre or post translation; we are your one-stop solution. When you provide us with an Adobe FrameMaker document for translation, we will deliver a completely translated, formatted and designed Adobe FrameMaker document, ready for immediate use. This implies that you will not have to convert your Adobe FrameMaker document into a different format such as rich text files (.RTF) before sending us your documents. Our desktop publishing team will convert the document into MIF, which precisely and fully retains all content created with Adobe FrameMaker. Since MIF is compatible with CAT Tools, this allows our translators to deliver the most accurate translation possible. Following translation, our desktop publishers reconvert the file back into Adobe FrameMaker. A final quality assurance check is completed to ensure that every element of the document is of the highest quality and ready for your immediate use.