Professional Translation for WordPress Websites

We will guide you through the entire process of translating and localizing your WordPress website. We offer high-quality professional website translations for WordPress at the most competitive rates. The WPML plugin is the ideal solution if you want to translate your WordPress website, and Trusted Translations is the best partner to localize your content through the WPML WordPress plugin.

Multilingual SEO WordPress Localization

As explained in the WPML Documentation for Developers: “One of the major benefits in running a multilingual site is appearing high on Google search results in different languages. The process of promoting your site to the top is called SEO and when it’s happening on a multilingual site, we call it ‘multilingual SEO.’”

When you use WordPress to build your site, a lot of the SEO work is already done for you. WordPress produces simple HTML, which Google easily understands. Trusted Translations’ online marketing translation experts will localize your WordPress site with WPML to help your content rank in any language.

Translating WordPress Content Using WPML

If you have a website that was created using WordPress (currently the world’s most popular content management system) and you need to make your website available in different languages, now you can do it quickly and easily with support from localization experts like Trusted Translations and the help of WPML: The Multilingual WordPress Plugin.

Trusted Translations’ Customized WPML Plugin

To purchase the Trusted Translations WPML Customized Plugin and translate your website with us, visit:

Translating WordPress sites with WPML and Trusted Translations

Free and Fast Authentication Token

Just fill out the contact form and we’ll send you a token to connect your site with Trusted Translations.

Free Configuration by Trusted Translations

In addition to WPML’s support for your plugin, Trusted Translations also has an IT team of WordPress and WPML experts who will help you resolve any problems that may occur while configuring WPML.

Our Dedicated Technical Support

The Trusted Translations team will provide you with dedicated technical support from the moment you first contact us until the content of your website is fully translated. You will also have technical support available for any questions that might arise in the process of updating content, although we are confident that the plugin will provide the invisible translation pipeline you are looking for.

Best Translation Price by Word, Plus Discounts for Repetitions

The service charges by the word, but there is no need to be concerned about costs—the plugin can load updated content to a platform that reuses similar content at a much lower cost than if all updates were translated from scratch. Ask our sales representatives about the advantages of taking into account repetitions and fuzzy and full matches.

Want to know the word count of your site?

Use WPML’s website word count to find out. Once you have it, contact us and we will give you an exact quote.

Steps to follow

The process’s easy steps are described below:

  1. Install WPML: If you are not already using WPML on your website, you can contact us and we will help you subscribe to the service and install and configure the plugin.
  2. Request a token: You will then need to request a token from us to enable you to quickly and easily send us orders through the WPML plugin.
  3. Select Trusted Translations as your provider: You should select Trusted Translations as your service provider and configure the token we will provide you with.
  4. Send your request for a quote for translation jobs: Next, you only need to select the content you want translated, along with the target languages you would like to include on your website, and start sending us work.
  5. Accept or reject the quote made for the requested task: Upon receiving your request, we will submit a quote to you so you can decide whether to proceed with the translation. If you confirm the order, we will begin the translation process, preserving the same format and style of the original text.
  6. Post the translations live: Once the translation is complete, we’ll send it via the plugin and you will see it directly in the WPML panel, ready to publish with just a few clicks.

You can check out the process in detail at WPML’s website by clicking on the following link:

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns about the localization and translation of your WordPress website.