Microsoft PowerPoint Translation Services

Translating a PowerPoint document may seem simple enough, but there are many details to keep in mind that may not be obvious at first glance. Trusted Translations takes all of these details into account and will provide you with a translated PowerPoint document that is consistent with the original document’s layout and looks as though it had never been translated.

The Details behind PowerPoint Translations

It may seem as though a PowerPoint document would be easy to translate, given that there is usually very little text on each PowerPoint slide. However, there are many more factors to take into account than just the text of the document: embedded images, text boxes with specific sizes, Excel tables, and personal notes at the foot of each slide that do not appear in the final presentation. Trusted Translations takes all of these details into account when translating a PowerPoint document and will make sure that the final product you receive is neat, polished and consistent with the layout of the source document.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) for PowerPoint Presentations

A PowerPoint presentation translation will almost always require desktop publishing. For example, a text translated from English to Spanish expands an average of 20% and the target language text may not fit as neatly in the text box as the original text. Trusted Translations’ expert in-house desktop publishing team will ensure that the target text fits into the text box in a way that is natural and organized. Our desktop publishing team will also make sure that all of your embedded images stay intact and fit inside the frame of the PowerPoint slides along with any other content. Trusted Translations’ desktop publishing team will even take the extra step to translate any text within the embedded images and design them to look as though they were the original images.

Translating Powerpoint for a Specific Audience

At Trusted Translations we understand the importance of knowing your audience and of adapting your services to account for the differences in particular markets. That’s why we provide the most accurately translated PowerPoint presentations that can be adapted to specific audiences. We work with translators who are not only experts in specific industries, but who are also specialists in localized translations. When you request an audience-specific translation, Trusted Translations will provide you with the highest quality PowerPoint presentation translation in the industry.

When you enlist Trusted Translations to translate your PowerPoint presentation, not only will you receive the highest quality professional translation, but also a final product that is consistent with the original layout and immediately ready for use.